6 – Last Night on Earth

Gloria —
In this world, there are two things that I am completely certain of.
One of them is the fact that I am insane.
The other is that I love you, Gloria.

Yes, this idea is totally fucking insane and I will probably get hurt. But you have to understand my reasons for doing so, Gloria. I’ve taken way too much bullshit and I’m sick of their lies. It’s a trial by fire, but on my terms now, not theirs.

I hope you understand, Gloria. I love you so much. This is something I have to do. I can’t help it. As I said, I am insane and this ‘mission’ is insane. I can’t help my own insanity. I can’t change how crazy or dangerous this is. But I have to, Gloria, I fucking have to!

Goddammit. I must sound like a fucking idiot to you, but alas…

But always know this: I love you and I always will. I’m not perfect, but I try to work on my flaws when we’re not together. This will help, I promise.

Just remember… please remember this Gloria… if anything happens to me, if I die in this fire, I will still love you. No matter what.

Oh god, Gloria, I love you beyond words. I’m crazy. I’m crazy and an idiot and I’m a terrible person descended from terrible people, and I love you.

If I don’t make it… I will be sending all my love to you… if I don’t make it…
will i make it

All my love,


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